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crossfortune: paracelsus, fate/ (for i see what i destroy) (Default)
  • for i see what i destroy
Comment: [personal profile] fairhands
Description: paracelsus, fate/
crossfortune: labrador, 07-ghost (here in my web of dreams)
  • here in my web of dreams
Comment: alexander @ lj
Description: labrador, 07-ghost
crossfortune: alice, pandora hearts (i am not made to realize your dreams)
  • i am not made to realize your dreams
Comment: skynote @ lj
Description: alice, pandora hearts
crossfortune: sharon, pandora hearts (we might be queens)
  • we might be queens
Comment: clockwisedoom @ lj
Description: sharon, pandora hearts
crossfortune: kendappa-ou, rg veda (dancing without malice or mercy)
  • dancing without malice or mercy
Comment: winnar @ lj
Description: kendappa-ou, rg veda
crossfortune: arashi, x/1999 (did you know you were so beautiful)
  • did you know you were so beautiful
Comment: parron @ lj
Description: arashi, x/1999
crossfortune: lacie, pandora hearts (never is a promise)
  • never is a promise
Comment: teebeechan @ lj
Description: lacie, pandora hearts
crossfortune: will of the abyss, pandora hearts (there's a fire in the city of pictures)
  • there's a fire in the city of pictures
Comment: xukty @ lj
Description: will of the abyss, pandora hearts
crossfortune: glen/oswald baskerville, pandora hearts (then i can even weave a miracle)
  • then i can even weave a miracle
Comment: noctislumina @ lj
Description: glen/oswald baskerville, pandora hearts
crossfortune: testament, guilty gear (and the taste of dried-up hopes)
  • and the taste of dried-up hopes
Comment: original art by pixiv id P_55726
Description: testament, guilty gear
crossfortune: thancred, ffxiv (judgment binds all we hold)
  • judgment binds all we hold
Comment: sharlayan @ dw
Description: thancred, ffxiv
crossfortune: y'shtola, ffxiv (tell us why we must suffer)
  • tell us why we must suffer
Comment: aetheorize @ dw
Description: y'shtola, ffxiv
crossfortune: mikleo, tales of zestiria (for the sake of protecting you)
  • for the sake of protecting you
Comment: [community profile] optimisty
Description: mikleo, tales of zestiria
crossfortune: soren, fire emblem 9/10 (speed is the essence of war)
  • speed is the essence of war
Comment: [profile] catchawish
Description: soren, fire emblem 9/10
crossfortune: enkidu, fate (something in your fabric ties you here)
  • something in your fabric ties you here
Comment: [personal profile] shapedlikea
Description: enkidu, fate