crossfortune: paracelsus, fate/ (the only truth i've ever known)
Title: whispers and waiting
fandom: Exalted
square: worship
word count: 533
summary: I've never met anyone like you, little dragon-child: I didn't even know your kind could hear Their whispers, too. A deathknight meets a Dragon-Blooded necromancer with a similar connection to his dead but never dying gods, and determines that he simply has to talk with this fascinating creature.
content notes: dubious consent in regards to non-sexual touching: kidnapping and drugging (but no sexual situation). No other standard notes apply.

whispers and waiting )
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Title: drawn to life
fandom: New World of Darkness (Mage: The Awakening)
square: pictures
word count: 611
summary: Penguin draws doujinshi of the people she knows and crushes on. It's her own private hobby.
content notes: no standard content notes apply
drawn to life )
crossfortune: paracelsus, fate/ (Default)
Title: nail polish and friendship bracelets
fandom: New World of Darkness (Mage: The Awakening)
square: dress-up
word count: 735
summary: Winds isn't the best at making friends, and Kiyoshi makes it hard. So instead of his normal methods, he paints Kiyoshi's nails.
content notes: no standard content notes apply

gesture of friendship )
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Title: all that remains
fandom: Ars Magica
square: historical roleplay
word count: 838
summary: In the dark, among the dead, there is only one choice remaining: to break or to freeze. In the kingdom of the dead, a god's unwilling bride considers his options and the part he must play.
content notes: non-consensual sex, considered suicide, attempt at inducing Stockholm Syndrome: adult character (22) with a fifteen-year old's body.
survival is acceptance )
crossfortune: paracelsus, fate/ (my wishes are exhausted)
Title: waiting and dreaming on
fandom: Exalted
square: plushie/furry kink
word count: 805
summary: He can take care of Clair better than anyone. Reva Sachin misses his wife, and knows that he's the best-suited to protect her from everything.
content notes: no standard notes apply: obsessive relationships.

waiting and dreaming on )
crossfortune: paracelsus, fate/ (for i see what i destroy)
Title: many-faced, many-named
fandom: World of Darkness (Mage: The Awakening)
square: roleplay
word count: 562
summary: You are an androgyne of many faces, many names, all of (none of) them your own.
content notes: no standard notes apply: remembered (and predicted) transphobia directed at the narrator.

many masks many named )
crossfortune: paracelsus, fate/ (for i see what i destroy)
Title: losing thought
fandom: World of Darkness (Mage: The Awakening)
square: nipple-play/tit torture
word count: 633
summary: "You really are terrible at not thinking."
content notes: no standard notes apply
losing thought )
crossfortune: paracelsus, fate/ (Default)
Title: once, twice, always
Fandom: Amaranthine
square: genital torture
Word Count: 730
Content Notes: flashback of uncertain and dubious consent, no other standard notes apply: obsessive and self-destructive relationships, casual mention of the characters murdering each other
Summary: There is nothing, Alex is certain, in the thousand years and more that have passed between them, their tangled immortal history, that has come between them without pain.
once, twice, always )
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Title: somewhere between
Fandom: Kerberos Club
square: sensation play
Word Count: 683
Content Notes: no standard notes apply.
Summary: A fallen angel reflects on humans and the differences between them.

somewhere between )
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Title: the best-laid plans
Prompt: free space (shopping)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 365
Content Warnings/Notes: None.
Summary: Having to feed little sisters is hard. Especially when you're sleep-deprived.
the best-laid plans )
crossfortune: paracelsus, fate/ (my wishes are exhausted)
Title: i never promised you a rose garden
Prompt: insomnia/sleeplessness
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 403
Content Warnings/Notes: violence
Summary: This is a dream, he tries to tell himself, one of his own: but dreams are dangerous, now.
i never promised you a rose garden )
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Title: you'd return the way you said
Prompt: reunions
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 824
Content Warnings/Notes: past character death
Summary: Kyrion Taviot returns from exile, to the bitterest reunion of all.

it has been over ten years, but Lady Melantha has changed not at all )
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Title: without words
fandom: World of Darkness (Mage: the Awakening and Changeling: the Lost)
square: begging
word count: 511
summary: Begging without words.
content notes: no standard notes apply.
without voice )

in service

Aug. 30th, 2011 01:19 am
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Title: in service
fandom: Ars Magica
square: obedience
word count: 590
summary: House Tremere prizes three qualities in the magi that it trains: intelligence, courage, and obedience. Nicolae never would have considered Lycoris to be obedient, until he sees otherwise.
content notes: characters are both adults, but one (who is twenty-two) has a fifteen-year old's body: no other standard notes apply.
three qualities )
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Title: pleasure watching
fandom: Exalted
square: orgies/decadence
word count: 632
summary: "Did you enjoy the show, sister?" "Of course. I always do." Cynis Falen Eluda always enjoyed a good show. And Cynis parties are always good for one.
content notes: most characters are/were high when they consent: no other standard notes apply. Drug use.
of course. I always do. )
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Title: subtle silver declaration
fandom: Exalted
square: tattoos/tattooing
word count: 516
summary: In her lover's tattoos, are written a story. That she doesn't know how to read.
content notes: No standard notes apply.

subtle silver declaration )
crossfortune: paracelsus, fate/ (Default)
Title: love free from time
fandom: Exalted
square: historical roleplay
word count: 560
summary: The years and a lifetime away have not dimmed the memories. The world has changed, the world has fallen and diminished, but Temir Salim seeks what his past self had.
content notes: no standard notes apply: abusive relationships, obsession and possessiveness that segue into potential murderous intent, past-life relationships ending in murder, completely unwanted attentions, stalking

love without time )
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